sabato 28 dicembre 2013

On the tracks of the Flateyjarbók (on the pretext of getting married)

Una pagina del Flateyjarbók,
il Libro di Flatey
"Good morning! Do you organise trips to Iceland, don't you?"
"We certainly do."
"Well, I'd like to get married in Iceland." 
Here begins the adventure of the journey we are organising for an enterprising couple who decided to celebrate their wedding in Iceland in February. It is a very special, six-day itinerary with a 48-hour stop at Stykkishólmur for the ceremony. We have proposed a particularly unique route, all centered on West Iceland and the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Thanks to the sympathetic and constructive relationship that has developed since the first contact between the couple and ourselves, we gave ourselves over to our imaginations and took advantage of our familiarity with the territory. The result is a dynamic and ambitious journey, full of activities and suggestions. On board our Land Rover Defenders we will head to the most famous locations around Reykjavik before venturing along the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. We will stand on the shores of Hvalfjordur, Borgarnes, Arnarstapi, Búðir, Kirkjufell and Stykkishólmur, where the ceremony will take place in the halls of Norska Húsið, one of the most important historic buildings of Iceland, today a museum. From Stykkisholmur, on board the Særún catamaran, we will reach the island of Flatey, famous for housing the Flateyjarbók - or Flatey Book - for centuries one of the most important medieval manuscripts in Scandinavian historiography, an inexhaustible source of myths and legends. For us it is a great experience in trip organisation, and we hope it will be similarly remembered by the newly-weds.

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