mercoledì 11 gennaio 2012

90° EST and GEO are sailing together

Today a promising collaboration begins between GEO, prestigious monthly magazine of Geography, Nature and Human Sciences, and 90° EST.
Our sailing trip with a geologist and biologist on board had been carefully followed from GEO headquarters. They felt that the spirit and care for details, especially those concerning the management of cultural content, were in line with GEO's style. They appreciated the originality of our proposal and the choice of combining the pleasure of travelling with a geologist and biologist with the pleasure of sailing in one of the most beautiful volcanic archipelagos in the planet. So, after a series of editorial meetings in which we talked about boats and routes, and studied images and films, today we have defined the guidelines for the trip to the Aeolian Islands which will start on Saturday 26th of May and will combine two “visions”, ours and GEO's one.
An ambitious project for both of us. Not so much because of the difficulty of organising a journey of quality, as for the common desire to blend styles and philosophies, to conceive together an idea of a rich, complete, rewarding and, if possible, innovative journey. We wish to imagine that this is just the first of a long series of trips, but... we will be rigorous in judging the results, us first. It is not just a simple marketing operation, but an attempt to achieve a "vision", or even an emotion arising from two different points of view about the world and the idea of travelling. GEO is published by Gruner + Jahr / Mondadori. It is popular throughout the world with numerous national editions throughout Europe, Japan, Korea and the United States of America. In the February issue of GEO, and anticipated in the coming days on our site, blogs and FB, you can find all the details of the initiative.

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